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mobile development

We design, develop and publish fully interactive and visually appealing iOS and Android applications integrated with specialized and optimized backends systems providing smooth performance.

We have also experience building libraries and frameworks for iOS SDK, Android and RubyMotion.

web & API development

We build full-stack applications and web services for multi-tier applications using top-notch web frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Play!. We are specialist tuning and optimizing application backends for rich web applications, mobile applications and third party applications.

We can develop rich web applications using client-side MVC frameworks like Ember.js and Backbone.

UX/UI & Web Design

We conceptualize and design awesome products & services, focusing mainly on functionality, usability and esthetics. Form follows function, that's something we're convinced to make things happen.

Our experienced designers know how to bring a beautiful design driven by experience.

full-Stack performance tuning & troubleshooting

Our specialists will perform performance reviews on regular basis in each layer of the application including databases, services, cache, transport protocols and web assets to ensure everything is optimized to handle the maximum workload for the appropriate infrastructure.

We also offer guidance in how achieve better performance and increment the scaling capabilities for existing web applications and services. In case of outage we offer recovery services, post-mortem diagnostic and solutions to avoid the failure in the future.

talks & training

We provide private training and talks to companies about our areas of expertise. We customize our existing classes to meet the needs of your company.

Our current catalog of courses includes Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JRuby, Objective-C and Node.js classes.

People who makes possible the awesomeness

We are a team of 6 Developers and 2 Managers with more than 35 years of experience.

We are not a ”one size fits all” like company.
We carefully pick up right technologies for your needs.

Open-Source is part of our DNA,
Forge is full of community contributions and in-house made utilities:

rails : rails contributor

Ruby on Rails

firebaseco : Multilang-hstore

Multilang is a small library for translating database values for Rails 3 and Postgresql hstore

firebaseco : mongoose-attachments

Attachments Plugin for Mongoose.js with Support for S3 and ImageMagick Styles

jruby : JRuby-Rack contributor

Rack for JRuby and Java appservers

jruby : ActiveRecord JDBC Adapter contributor

ActiveRecord adapter for JDBC and JRuby

jruby : warbler contributor

Warbler chirpily constructs .war files of your Ruby applications

firebaseco : FireUIPagedScrollView

Handle orientation changes and integrate with UIPageControl and UISegmentedControl out of the box.

firebaseco : Duv

Fibers-based, Object-Oriented Non-Blocking Platform Layer for D. (Based on Node.js libuv library).

rubinius : rubinius contributor

Fauna : Fauna's ruby client contributor

Fauna's ruby client

Fauna : Fauna's iOS SDK contributor

Fauna SDK for iOS + Examples

firebaseco : Orch.js

Orch.js: Distributed RCP Orchestration Library for Node.js

firebaseco : light

Minimal HTTP server for Rack applications

firebaseco : VCAP.js

VCAP(Cloudfoundry) Client for Node.js

firebaseco : Nancy

Minimal Ruby microframework for web development inspired in Sinatra and Cuba

firebaseco : Simple Queue

SimpleQueue is a simple background system for Ruby.

firebaseco : Express Winston

Express Winston middleware for flatiron/winston

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